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Kinetic Civil has extensive experience in the successful management of projects around Australia from small Maintenance Projects through major Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Projects. This experience includes Project Planning and Development of Projects.

It is crucial for any project to be well planned in order for a successful implementation, construction and completion. Kinetic Civil believe in spending the time and resources “Up Front” to ensure these principles are adhered to.

We are able to assist clients in the achievement of their project goals through provision of expert support preparing for a project and putting the systems in place ensuring project performance can be monitored.

The primary areas where we are able to provide support are:

  • Strategic Planning - Staging a Project so as to Maximise Work Performed whilst Minimising the Impact on Stakeholders is paramount. This often involves complex Traffic Management Staging.

  • Design Management – A Practical Design is Paramount to Delivery of a Successful Project.

  • Construction Scheduling / Program – A well thought out and Detailed Construction Program is priceless in assisting the Project Team to complete the Project as well as Enabling Easy Monitoring of Project Performance.

  • Procurement – Knowing what it looks like and where to get it is just as Important as being able to interpret the Drawings. We can use our Experience and Contacts in the Market Place to Assist in this Area.

  • Site Establishment – Project Commencement often requires Additional Resources, Kinetic Civil can also assist with this.

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